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The One & Only Reliable News App In Lebanon & The World

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Introducing Beefeed

Beefeed is all about tailoring news to your needs and transforming your news reading time into moments of discovery.

Totally Reliable

Simple, easy and fast. These factors are what makes Beefeed totally reliable and your number one place for reading news.

Fully Customizable

Set your interests by choosing the categories that best suit your needs and receive top stories that interest you the most.

Homescreen Ticker

The carefully designed tool that displays headlines on your home screen to keep you always updated with the latests news.

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All in one place

Beefeed delivers interesting stories grabbed from a variety of top sources in Lebanon and the world.

One app is enough

Replace your BBC, Goal and Mashable apps
with Beefeed.

Best of the best

Stay updated with CNN, Wired, TalkSport and
other news.

All you want from an app

Take control and allow Beefeed to become your daily portal for reading your news.

Beautiful, modern design

Perfectly designed to guarantee the best
user experience.

Top features

Save & Share stories, Read latest news in
the Ticker.

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Awesome Features

Beefeed allows you to manage the news that you receive, pick what appeals to you and display them accordingly.

Worldwide News

Read top news from all over the world and be the first to know about the latest trending stories.

Tailor your Interests

Pick the categories that best suit your interest to receive stories you would really love to read.


Floating Ticker

Enable the headlines to run on your home screen or any other application based on your preference.

Save & Filter

With Beefeed you can easily save interesting stories to read them later and share them with your friends.